So Rome finally ended. Controversy and all.

I got to admit, I did like this series. Normally I get annoyed at historical inaccuracies, but Rome‘s inaccuracies were blatant but trying to be authentic inaccuracies, if that makes sense.

The producers have openly admitted they weren’t trying to create a super-faithful history documentary. They were making Entertainment based upon history, like Shakespeare did numerous times. I still felt they mostly got the gist of the history while ignoring all the details (How many people care that Pompey was killed by two assassins instead of one?)

It was a fun ride through that tumultuous period from Julius Cesar to Octavian, later the Emperor Augustus. Using the everyman characters of Pullo and Veranus, the show did a good job of drawing us into the life of Ancient Rome (which was well documented by writers in Rome). Following their arc through to their conclusions was very satisfying, especially for Pullo.

Also, the portrayals of the really famous historical characters were pretty much in-line with their historical descriptions with the exception of the Roman women, of which precious little is recorded. And the main events were covered. That’s better than Braveheart. 😉