If ever you want to show a character go “evil”, please, for goodness sake, don’t make him dance! (Spoilers below)

I admit I wasn’t looking forward to this one.  To me there was one sure-fire clue: three villains.  Any time a superhero movie franchise starts doubling up and then triple-teaming villains, the franchise has jumped the shark.  But still, the first Spiderman movie was good and pretty close to the comic book.  The second movie left me feeling a little flat, but was still entertaining.  But this one… oh man this was lame.

One of the big failings of this outing is the Bad Peter Parker.  In the alien symbiote storyline from the comic book, Spiderman’s new black suit has a life of its own and begins to feed and warp Peter Parker into an angrier, more vengeful version of himself.  Mostly Spiderman catching himself when he starts to pummle the bad guys too hard.  It was a dark, moody Spiderman and left you genuinely creeped out.

How can I feel creeped out when Parker pulls some hair down over his face like an Emo, buys some fancy clothes and goes dancing with Gwen Stacy to make Mary Jane jealous?  That whole segment of the movie just made my skin crawl.  It felt stupid, it felt forced and more importantly, it didn’t sell me on the dark side of Peter Parker.

To make things even more fun, there’s a plot twist at the end that you’ll see coming from the beginning of the movie.  A plot twist so retarded that the comic books never even stooped so low.  All I can say is, the Hobgoblin was a wasted opportunity.

I’ll stop here.  I keep wanting to throw up a little just thinking about this movie.  Sam Raimi, what happened to you, man?