Horrible Bosses PosterKevin Stacey. Colin Farrel. Jason Bateman.  Jason Sudeikis.  Wow.  You’d think they couldn’t go wrong with this cast.  But they did.

The movie was disappointing in so many, little ways and big ways.  The basic idea is sound: three omega males driven to the breaking point by their a-hole bosses decide to kill them, but are too inept and weak willed to do it.

Wow, as Jason Sudeikis would say, that was a disappointment.  The movie had some funny moments, but mostly seemed to be lost trying to find a story or a long gag to pay off.  In the end, the ending just felt like, “Eh, let’s just get it over with.”  It really didn’t have any kind of humour or emotional pay off whatsoever.

They got one part kind of right: in the end, they’re too chicken-shit to kill anyone.  It’s hard to like a character who kills another human being, especially if that other person hasn’t actually killed anyone.  But the way a good movie would use this is they would set in motion a chain of events that lead to their bosses killing each other while they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to escape (not realising they don’t need to).  For example, when Kenny in A Fish Called Wanda has to kill the old woman but keeps killing her dogs.  That was funny because the thing that needed to happen happened (the old lady died), but the likeable character doesn’t become dislikeable by killing someone who doesn’t deserve to be killed.

Then you got Dale, the dental hygienist with the hot boss, who’s basically getting raped.  I can sort of see his point of view, but as the other characters point out: he had no reason to complain.  The way they portrayed his boss never made us, the audience, hate her.  If anything, we kind of liked her.  Which is wrong because if you think about it: in real life, her behavior would make most men hate her.

The bottom line: Could have been awesome if the script knew what it wanted to be.