Haibane Renmei is a pretty unusual anime in many ways, but the biggest difference is the themes. No guns, battles or sorcery. Just a gently story about girls with wings, called haibane, living in a town surrounded by a wall they cannot even touch, let alone pass through. The series begins with the “birth” of a new girl, Rakka, at the Old Home: an all-girls dormitory for haibane. It then follows her development and relationship with the oldest haibane there, Reki.

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Mushishi is a beautifully drawn, if somewhat dry, anime with some interesting ideas. It’s being turned into a live-action movie starring Jo Odagiri. The trailer is up and it looks like they might have capture the impressionistic look of the anime:


A fan-made music video shows the art work from the anime.

A no-brainer for me, when picking movies, is to see a Pixar movie. Sure, I don’t care for all of their movies, but I’ve yet to hate a Pixar movie (well, Monsters, Inc. came close, but then I saw Robots and changed my mind). Pixar has a track record to die for: 7 movies, 7 hits. In fact, Pixar’s track record is even more impressive: 7 projects, 7 releases. When you consider the norm: “A lot of studios talk about a 12-to-1 ratio ,” Andrew Stanton says. “They come in with 12 ideas and one of them makes it.” How does Pixar manage to make hits while everyone else flails around looking for the next TV show to turn into a movie?

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Saturday was my “Bad Movie Day”. It was raining again and I decided the kill the afternoon by seeing two bad movies: TMNT and The Last Mimzy.

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Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Foutaises. This might seem familiar to us Amélie fans as the “Likes” and “Dislikes” scenes from that movie.

One of my favorite SF short stories of all time is Mimsy were the Borogroves. A totally charming story written by the husband & wife team of Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore and published in the February 1943 edition of Astounding Science Fiction (edited by the legendary John W. Campbell, Jr.). The written story was a charming and guileless adventure that would have been at home in The Twilight Zone but got turned into a a cliche-driven, over pumped shamble of a movie.
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Just thought I’d share some of my waaaay too deep knowledge of Japanese and the anime and manga scene to define some common genre terms.

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Sorry, couldn’t resist. 300 was a hoot to watch, but it was interesting reading some of the historians who were upset by it’s liberties with history. The linked article ends with claiming the Greeks would find it bizarre. Bizarre? Read the rest of this entry »

Normally, my venue is USENET (a.k.a. Internet Newsgroups), but I thought I’d give this a shot.

My blog title and user name must be confusing for 90% of you out there, and the remaining 10% got it and jumped right here. In Japan, someone who is obsessive with their hobbies is called an otaku. And usually referring to anime and manga geeks. But don’t let that disturb you — I watch a lot of non-anime. 🙂

I just want to use this blog to comment on movies I’ve seen, DVDs I just watched from Zip and random crap. Hopefully, you’ll find me entertaining and witty. If not, at least you’ll keep coming by.

Yokoso, minasan!